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Alec Nyiri, 30.11.2020 19:21
Just to make a remark here about the Tshirts. Before moving to Luxembourg, I offered to pick it up myself and I was answered: no-no, we will send it by mail to you. Well okay, here is my address. Now, I never recveived my package and I was told today, after complaining, it was sent long time ago by Omniva who, by the way, has bad reputation. What I dont understand is why, for Christ sakes, you did not sent it by registered courier. You dont have 100 to send to Luxembourg, just one. You cannot afford the extra cost of 5 or 6 euros more? Not first time I see something like that in Estonia. The service level is not always at the top. I saw the difference since I am here. Anyway, nothing to do now. Its done. Keep your t-shirt and the 10 euros I gave you for nothing, and that could have been used for the extra fee for registered courier by the way,
Alec Nyiri, 15.07.2020 10:08

I do not see the track for the half marathon. Just for 5 and 10 km. Will the half marathon road be twice the 10 km track?

Alec Nyiri